Erich Schmidt-Unterseher

Homage to Erich Schmidt-Unterseher, Sculptor and Graphic Artist 1920 - 1990

Erich Schmidt-Unterseher

Internationally sculptor of bronze objects and  graphic art.

Erich Schmidt-Unterseher graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Augsburg, Germany. He proceeded to achieve his   Masters at the University of Munich, Germany. His  Professors were among the best of their times: Professor  Marxmueller in graphic art  and painting  by Professors. Eska and Hufnagel  in sculpting and ceramics. For many years he  studied  with Oskar Kokoschka, who greatly influenced his work 2-d works in the “School of Seeing,” in Salzburg, Austria . Further studies were with Professor H. Kirchner, Munich and with the sculptor and professor Luigi Minguzzi, Mailand. Later Erich Schmidt-Unterseher worked in graphic art, etchings with Prof. Eglau, Berlin and Lithography with Prof. Otte in Salzburg, Austria.

Erich Schmidt-Unterseher decided on higher education to develop and promote the love of art to his students in Kaufbeuren Gymnasium and at Holbein Gymnasium in Augsburg, where he was respected and honored among his colleagues-  loved and honored by his students.

Starting 1962  ESU exhibited regularly at the “Grosse Schwaebische Kunstausstellung” in Augsburg and since 1967 at the “Grosse Kunstausstellung in Haus der Kunst“ in Munich. In 1971 he was invited to show his art in the Austrian Institute for Culture in Rome. In the year of 1979 he participated in a collective Art Show in Bonn, Germany at the Äusstellung zeitgenoessischer Kunst aus Bayern-translated- "A Contemporary Art Exhibit of Artists of Bavaria".

Among many other prizes, Erich Schmidt-Unterseher was recognized with the Honorary Prize for Exceptional Art of the City of Salzburg, Austria in 1966. In 1977 the Art Award of the Diocese Augsburg and in 1980 the Arts Award for the region of Swabien in Bavaria.

Erich Schmidt-Unterseher was further influenced by his journeys through the vast regions of Russia and his years of studies throughout France, Italy and Greece.

You now have the possibility for the first time in over 10 years to purchase bronze sculptures, paintings, and graphics out of the estate of Christina Jarmolinski of Erich Schmidt-Unterseher and through  Syzygy Gallery

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